What we are listening to:
Casefile, Stay Tuned with Preet and more.

What we are listening to:

Casefile, Stay Tuned with Preet and more.

We have collected some of our favorite podcasts right now to share with you. Some good for work, and some just to take your mind off things... and not work. Hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.


Casefile Cover

"Fact is scarier than fiction" – Casefile Podcast

Lindha: As a true crime buff, there is nothing better then Casefile. The background research is impressive, detailed and very visually descriptive. And if you are new to it, a backlog of over 100 cases, each about an hour or more to dig in too. I am not even close to being caught up at case 60+.

But, what's up with the host being anonymous?

Currently listening to:

Case 60 Jamestown (1–3)

Past favorite:

Case 19 Snowtown
and many more...

Stay Tuned with Preet

Stay Tuned with Preet Cover

"Stay Tuned with Preet is a series about justice and fairness featuring Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York" – NPR

Lindha: With all the twists and turns going on in American and World politics, it’s great to have a person like Preet Bharara to share his insights and put some into clarity. And the guests are fantastic. The episode where Preet is discussing the Magnitsky Act and how it came to life with Bill Browder, is worth listening to on its own. However, right now I have tuned out a bit from all the insanity, and as a result, I am a few episodes behind. Still would recommend it to anyone interested in keeping up on things.

Currently listening to:

CAFE Insider 03/25: Don't Barr Mueller's Report

Past favorite:

From Preet: The Magnitsky Act
and many more...

You're Wrong About...

You're Wrong About... Cover

"Every week Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbs circle back to an event, person or trend that’s been misremembered in the public imagination." – Rottin' in Denmark

Jack: This is a “turns out...” podcast that often circles around the media’s role in framing the story we know about shared events. If you already know a lot about the week’s topic you might find yourself arguing that they are still wrong about something at the end. I truly enjoy Sarah’s academic vocabulary; she can certainly turn a phrase.

Currently listening to:

Urban Legends Spectacular!
Razorblades in apples, babysitters on acid, killers in backseats and “rainbow parties”: In this episode, Mike and Sarah investigate the scary stories Americans tell each other and discover the actual anxieties behind them. Turn on your high beams for this one.

Past favorite:

Alpha Males
Sarah tells Mike that animal behavior is an imperfect template for human society. Digressions include rabbits, Bob’s Burgers, and online dating. Mike makes an awkward observation about locker rooms.

Reconcilable Differences

You're Wrong About... Cover

"John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way." – Relay FM

Jack: I listen to every show either of these hosts is on, regardless of topic. RecDiffs has priority status in Overcast for me, as I will pause any other show if a new episode is available. You must start at the beginning, and if you don’t love the personalities you might not be hooked up right.

Currently listening to:

Duke of Bits
This week kicks off with a critique of the GUI for Skype. What’s Merlin’s problem with Swing anyway? John introduces the “MPU” then mostly agrees to drive.

John interrogates Merlin about a recent and notorious technical problem with one of his other programs. There is talk of checklists plus more fretfulness about the topic that cannot be discussed.

Next, your hosts respond at length to a listener’s question about things they’ve given up. Status is less pursued, insight on privilege is sought, and hope for interesting side projects is, alas, abandoned.

Finally, John looks for help regarding the help he was offered by an internet quiz.

Where to start:

We All Ruined It Together
In this inaugural episode of Season 1, John and Merlin begin framing the conversation on exactly how they got how they are.

From the dungeons of Usenet to the dragons of roving bullies, origins are explored, awkwardness is cataloged, and differences are provisionally reconciled.

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